"what the fffffffffffffffheck"
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'Fighting hate with hate will get you nowhere' is not a code for 'Stand there and take it from ignorant assholes'.

It means not stooping to their level when you lay down the law.
It means not being just as much of a bigoted asshole as the people you fight against.


my entire life

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bucky barnes x social media (collab with hyemi)



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Forever in our hearts.

Forever in our hearts.

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apparently when kids tell someone that eating spaghetti on a hot dog bun is weird it’s bullying

Camping with @BASTILLEdan…someone needs to get that boy a tour bus. (x)

Camping with @BASTILLEdan…someone needs to get that boy a tour bus. (x)

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are you ever about to google something that just brings you physical shame so you type as little of it as you can and hope google autofills it












"…men actually avoiding contact with women because they’re afraid a simple kiss or date could lead to a sexual assault accusation."

This is a HUGE problem, in fact THIS WHOLE ARTICLE is extremely disgusting. Not to mention the fact that I have seen quite a few other articles about rape hysteria as well. As a victim of rape myself, this needs to stop. I’m not sure why feminists fear rape like grim death, yet at the same time use it as a revenge tool. False rape accusations are at an all time high, and thanks to the very fucked up NEW Definition of rape, which basically seems to me “ANYTHING A GUY DOES THAT I DON’T LIKE” things are spinning out of control.

Honestly? Honestly! Rape is a serious fucking issue, and you know what? Feminists are turning it into a fucking joke. Feminists seem to be really fucking determined to make rape the most trivial thing POSSIBLE. Now men looking at you the wrong way is rape, now men complimenting you is rape, men saying hello, smiling at you, sitting too close to you on a bus. It’s all rape and oppression and WHAT THE FUCK? How determined are you to make not only rape a joke, but also be victims? How determined are you to make WOMEN LOOK AS STUPID AND FUCKING ALARMIST AS POSSIBLE!? You all goddamn complain about how rape ISN’T Something to joke about while simultaneously TURNING RAPE INTO ONE HUGE THREE RINGED CIRCUS!

For the love of God feminists PLEASE FUCKING STOP!

Certain feminists are also doing a great job in gendering the whole freaking issue and making it very difficult for any man who was sexually assaulted to be believed. Or it can strike fear into men who got into sexual situations without consenting themselves, and then worrying and freaking thinking that they are the rapist, especially if alcohol is involved and both parties are drunk. It also doesn’t help when everyone tells men that they always want to have sex, and no one tells them how to say no, or that they even can so no, if the other party initiates the activity.
- Mod Helga

I will say it again this is really fucked up, sad, and incredibly depressing but sadly not at all surprising.

I see a bunch of feminists on here whining about how no guys want them or like them or want to date them but this article is kind of proof how hideous they’ve gotten with their “rape culture”. This is why men don’t wanna talk to you, this is a problem FEMINISTS created not the men.

moral panics are so very empowering of women

I don’t blame those men in the least.  They’re now having to alienate themselves as protection from having their lives potentially ruined.  A few things to note here:

This glorified mass hysteria known as “rape culture” has now finally driven men and women farther apart than ever before.

Now, someone please explain how this is encouraging gender equality, because—maybe I need to get my eyes checked—but I’m just not seeing it.  I’m also not seeing anything that could even remotely be considered “empowerment”.  All I am seeing is resentful women passive-aggressively lashing out in sociologically harmful ways over their own lack of understanding of others, perpetuating unsubstantiated widespread panic, alienating themselves from men even further than they already had, and basically trying to force women to live in a constant state of subservient fear.

If that’s anyone’s idea of “empowerment”, or “protecting” women, then please - keep it to yourselves from now on, because we’re better off without it.

This is bad. This is really, really bad.

Holy shit! This post is so much! I’ve gone through all those links and while I don’t have near enough time to refute them point by point trust me when I say that they are all either unsourced, taken out of context, cherry picking facts, manipulating statistics, outright lying, or actually from known hate groups.

I started following the person I reblogged this from because they contributed to that awesome woman in science post from shychemist that went around a while back, and I’m really disappointed that she ascribes to this red pill bullshit. 

Breaking news, guys!  Harvard, the CDC, the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Statistics, RAINN, a feminist scholar that has devoted her entire life to women’s studies, the Independent Women’s Forum, numerous police reports, and literal scientific fucking FACT are now “unsourced, biased hate groups” (I’d LOVE to know where “unsourced” comes from, as you’re not providing a shred of evidence to back your claims here).

Seriously - people like you do not give a shit about women.  If you’re literally ANGRY that women AREN’T as oppressed and victimized as you were falsely led to believe, how healthy is your idea of “feminism” to the safety of women?



i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture


no it’s completely normal that 9 year olds can’t live without their phone


are you ever looking at weird stuff on the internet and ur paranoid its going to end up on facebook somehow because facebook is connected to like everything

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